Tuesday, July 9, 2013

About Workload - Sixth Proverb

The key to successful bureaucratacizing is to dispose of files as rapidly as possible. As we have learned in the previous lesson, this does not necessarily require any positive action on your part. So long as the files are moving, you are successful. Thus.....

"A hundred disposals are worth more than a single truth."

You will hear much emphasis placed on the word truth. Supervisors will tell you that truth is all important in a bureaucracy but they are wrong. They are singing a siren's song promoted by those above who must appear to be concerned with truth.

They know and you will come to know that truth is irrelevant. All that matters is file movement and disposals. If your files move quickly through your cubicle, you will reign supreme within your shop. For the disposal, not truth, is the ruler of the kingdom of bureaucrats.

You may not be rewarded for your ability to hasten the advancement of files along their destined path but you will surely be punished if those files linger too long. And in the end, your invisibility will become its own reward.

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